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I love fitness and fitness gadgets!

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    80s Fitness Crazes

    2 months ago

    Fondly looking back at fitness fads and crazes in the 1980s

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    Fitness Alternative Energy Devices

    8 months ago

    Need to re-charge your iPhone, iPad or your laptop while you're out in the woods? Thanks to these brilliant minds, you can avail yourself of these devices that draw energy from Mother Nature and even from our own...

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    History of the Nautilus Fitness Equipment

    8 months ago

    It seems that the Nautilus machines are a standard in every gym as well as sports and fitness centers. How did it originate and spring into massive popularity? Let's read its history as well as some information about...

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    Top 10 fitness gyms

    8 months ago

    In this article, you will find the top 10 gyms in the US today, and we've ranked them based on important factors such as cleanliness, fine quality equipment, experienced trainers, fine atmosphere and environment, as...

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    The History of Fitness Equipment

    10 months ago

    An interesting historical overview of some of the gym and fitness equipment.

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    Fitness Gadgets – Digital Jump Ropes

    10 months ago

    Yes even the basic jump rope has gone high tech! If you love jump roping or want to include a jump rope as part of your fitness routine, consider a digital jump rope!

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    Fitness Apps – Is There One That Is the Best?

    8 months ago

    Apps, smart phones and fitness do go together - but whats the best app? Check out some these popular options to get ideas on how that smart phone can help today!

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    Finding the Right Fitness Gadgets

    10 months ago

    Technology can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to stay fit and track your exercise regiment. Check out these fitness gadget ideas.

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    Picking Earphones for Fitness Activities

    10 months ago

    Are you active and do you love to listen to music? Then you will need the right earphones that wills stay snug and fit while your active.

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    Videos Games and Fitness with Wii and XBOX

    8 months ago

    Wii and XBOX are very popular and just about every home seems to have one. A fitness craze started with Wii being able to do Wii fitness - but how realistic is it to do a fitness program on your video game console?

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    GPS Technology and Fitness Watches

    10 months ago

    GPS technology can be a very effective tool in your fitness program. A variety of watches and other devices can help to track your fitness program.

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    Calorie and Activity Tracking Technology

    10 months ago

    As part of any fitness program tracking calories burned and your activity level is important to ensuring you meet your goals. There are some great technology options to consider to help track your daily activities.

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    Advanced Weight Scales and Body Monitoring – Keeping Track of your Body Weight

    10 months ago

    Consider advanced weight scales and body monitoring tools to help in your weight loss and fitness program. Some of this technology is amazing.

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    Options for Using Slimmers and Trimmers for Weight Loss

    8 months ago

    Slimmers and trimmers are great options to consider as part of your weight loss and and fitness program. They are often overlooked options.

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